Saturday, September 12, 2015

The #BlackHillsWolves Blog Hunt: Two Alpha Males, Oh My

Our Blog Hunt continues with Black Hills Wolves and USA Today Best Selling Author Afton Locke.  How do you like your alpha male? Seasoned and powerful or young and kickass? Meet my alphas in the Black Hills Wolves:

-age: has been around the block
-career: works with his hands, hard-working career man
-conflict: only fights when he has to, but if you make him mad, look out!
-passion: quiet, powerful lover
-emotions: keeps them on simmer, has a dark secret
-women: opposites attract so he likes them wild and spicy

Alpha in Disguise by Afton Locke
Unleash the alpha!

When her mother is shot by a rancher, Lara Wolfe becomes the last Dominant of Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon pack. Her mother’s dying wish sends her to South Dakota’s Black Hills to find her mate, but Lara would rather continue her mission—saving her pack.

When Ogden Woods, lumber supplier for the Tao pack, offers the newcomer a place to stay, an explosive attraction reveals they’re mates. Afraid of unleashing his inner Dominant and a secret that could get him exiled, he’ll do anything to avoid mating.

Although he begs Lara to stay in Los Lobos where she’ll be safe, she can’t turn her back on her pack. As her mate, Ogden is bound to protect her, but following her means risking his home and his very life. Are they willing to pay the price?

-age: just old enough to be dangerous
-career: work? get real, he’d rather party
-conflict: cross me and I’ll kick your ass
-passion: right here, right now, no questions
-emotions: let’s everyone know how he feels, erupts often
-women: he likes the quiet type

Rebel’s Claw by Afton Locke
Revenge never tasted sweeter

Roark Archer’s Lamar Canyon Pack in Yellowstone has been decimated by ranchers and hunters. Although the Tao pack in Los Lobos, South Dakota, has offered to assimilate it, he cannot give up his heritage so easily. At least not until he gets revenge against whoever killed his best friend, Jared, three years ago.

Recluse Carrie Myers lives on the Wyoming cattle ranch her late father left her. One fateful night changes her life forever, leaving her questioning her sanity. She knows what she saw…or does she? Regardless, she’ll do anything to protect the awful secret that has haunted her for the past three years.

When fate brings Roark to Carrie’s doorstep, the connection between them is undeniable. Determined to avoid commitment, they agree to give in to their unexplainable attraction for one night. Will hatred consume this hell-raising shifter, or can he learn love and forgiveness in the enemy’s arms?

Author Bio

Afton Locke is a USA Today Bestselling Author who prefers romantic fantasies to everyday reality. Fantasies take her to different times, races, places, and beyond. She lives with her husband, dog, several unnamed dust bunnies, and a black cat that can be scary or cuddly, depending on the current book. When she’s not writing, Afton enjoys hiking, cooking, crafts, and reading.

Where readers can find me

Which alpha male do you prefer? I’d love to hear them. One lucky commentator will be drawn to win a copy of Black Hills Desperado by D.L. Jackson and Wolf's Song by Taryn Kincaid.

Be sure to check out Dominique Eastwick over at her blog as the Blog Hunt continues. 

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  1. Seasoned, sexy and powerful for me please

    1. I know right? See now I feel this need to write another!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dragon! We're so happy you're enjoying it.

  3. One seasoned alpha, coming right up, Donna.
    It is a great series, Dragon
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This series is wonderful! Love them seasoned, sexy and powerful:)

  5. Sexy, seasoned and slightly damaged for me.

    1. *swoon* The slightly damaged part always gets me

  6. Sounds like seasoned is preferred. Good to know!

  7. Congratulations Racy Carr! You've won e-copies of Black Hills Desperado and Wolf's Song - if you can drop me an email at heather (a) heatherlong (dot) net we'll get you your prizes sent out.

  8. Congratulations Racy Carr! You've won e-copies of Black Hills Desperado and Wolf's Song - if you can drop me an email at heather (a) heatherlong (dot) net we'll get you your prizes sent out.