Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Spotlight On: Under a Mating Moon #SexyWolf #BritishWolf #BlackHillsWolves

British Alpha wolf Jake Marsden spends his days among humans, pursuing a lucrative music career and avoiding his pack’s politics. When his current DJ tour takes him to the US, he stops in Los Lobos to visit family, and runs into the one Wolf he never wants to see again—the mate who rejected his claim.

While visiting her brother in Los Lobos, free-spirited Lexi Luparell is shocked to encounter the Wolf she’d denied when they were teens. Now she must face her guilt for the cruel way she spurned him all those years ago, make amends, and admit the truth. Jake was right all along—they’re meant to mate.

Lexi would love to explore the mate concept and her overwhelming attraction to virile, alpha Wolf Jake, but he wants nothing to do with her. How can she break down his defenses when she’s the reason he built them in the first place?

Jake dates only human women now. Lexi had her shot at being his mate, and she threw it away. But when her life is threatened, he may have to rethink his position and do whatever it takes to claim his one true mate.

Available at:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Meet Betty Holden Tao #BlogHunt #Alpha'sMate

I’ve got this big problem. I’m being written by Rebecca Royce. She has this thing about difficult, hot heroes who find redemption in the women they love. Hold on, let me start over. My name is Betty Holden Tao. I’m mated to the Alpha of the Black Hills Wolves, Drew. Okay, he’s all kinds of sexy. He’s all kind of troubled. He’s all kind of difficult. And Rebecca just keeps making it worse. Tell me, I mean for real, how much more of this am I going to have to put up with?

He was gone for ten years. He came back, killed his dad, took over the pack, and now we have threats everywhere we look. We never get a night off…and to make matters worse she has this idea I’m strong, protective, and tough which frankly I think sometimes makes me come off as a big giant bitch. Sorry for the word but there it is.

So come on now Rebecca. No more pain. Wait what? We feature in two more books? Oh hell.

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Disquieted Souls by Deena Remiel and The Long Road Home by Chandra Ryan. Be sure to swing by the Heather Long's blog and visit as the hunt continues. We have just two days left so don't miss any stop or your chance to win!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

On the Road Research with Dominique Eastwick #BlackHillsWolves #BlogHunt

What’s better then mixing what you love all into one. For me it was working on my BHW book Infiltrating her Pack and being able to do research for it. All while I took hundreds of photographs. In Infiltrating her Pack Ripley owns and runs a rafting company.  These are some of the things that showed up in my book.

The Tents at the Camp

Will cooking the meals
Dinner ask me about those beans….

Sun set on the river.

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Under a Mating Moon by Celia Breslin and Promiscuous Wolf by Mahalia Levey. Be sure to swing by the Afton Locke's blog and visit as the hunt continues. We have just two days left so don't miss any stop or your chance to win!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chat with Omega Heart's Jasper and author T.L. Reeve as #BlogHunt continues...

Good morning everyone! I am super excited to be taking over the BHW blog today! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then an idea struck me. Jasper is my human mate to Kole and Max. He has to be missing something from home besides the normal family and friends.
Since I am a huge Supernatural/Dr. Who/Torchwood/Arrow/Flash fan, among other shows—really not happy they cancelled Constantine—I thought I’d ask Jasper which shows he misses. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Max and Kole will wander in.

Me: Are you ready Jasper?

Jasper: Good morning everyone! *Sits down in one of the comfort chairs provided.* I hope everyone is doing well.

Me: We are. First, thank you for talking with me on such short notice. I know your mates have been keeping you busy.

Jasper: *Chuckles softly.* You can say that. I’m honored to be here though.

Me: So, as you probably heard, I love all kinds of shows. I thought we’d talk about a few. Maybe, get you caught up on some of your favorites?

Jasper: Grimm. You have to tell me, what happened. *Sits forward a little.*

Me: Which part?

Jasper: *Gives her an exasperated look* With Juliette. The last I saw, she was freaking out and becoming a Hexenbiest.

Me: Oh…you don’t want to know.

Jasper: I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know. *Growls.* Tell me!!

Me: Okay…okay. Calm down. *Grins* You know, you’re beginning to sound like an impatient Max.

Jasper: For the love of… *Sighs* I will find the meanest, ugliest wolf you’ve ever seen and make sure he’s your mate, if you don’t tell me what happened.

Me: *Laughs* No you wouldn’t. You like me too much. I brought you together with your mates.

Jasper: Please tell me.

Me: So polite. Okay so here is what happened—

Max: What are we talking about? *Strolls over to the chair and sits next to Jasper.* Why weren’t Kole and I invited to this little interview?

Me: I thought I’d catch Jasper up on some primetime television. So it’s technically not an interview.

Jasper: *Growls* She won’t tell me what happened to Juliette on Grimm.

Me: Well I was going to, but…

Kole: But what? *Max pulls Kole onto his lap.*

Me: You guys interrupted. *Can see Jasper growing more agitated by the second.* Condensed version. She enjoyed the power she got from being a Hexenbiest. They tried to change her back however…she’s dead.

Jasper: I figured as much. You know, between us, I didn’t like her much. I swore Adalind was better for Nick. Even if she manipulated him and was a real…witch. Hey, did they ever tell Wu?

Me: About what Nick is? And what’s going on?

Jasper: Yes.

Me: Yes, he’s part of the team now.

Jasper: *Fist pumps* Excellent.

*Max and Kole give their mate a confused look.* Max: What is this show?

Me: It’s called Grimm. It’s ben on for about five seasons and this coming season is going to be interesting. It’s a darker…or well much darker take on Grimm fairytales. And Nick can see the “true” selves of those who are different. *Glances at Jasper.* You know, I bet Amazon would have all of the seasons. You could probably order it. Show the guys why you like it.

Jasper: *Nods* Maybe I will. Can you tell me one more thing?

Me: Sure.

Jasper: Why did Juliette die?

Me: She helped get Nick’s mom killed.

Jasper: *Gasps* No. Wait…the baby and Adalind. And…and….

Me: You’ll have to get the DVD and watch it with your mates.

Max: *Looks at TL then Jasper* Has he been missing many of these shows?

Me: *Shrugs* Depends on what he likes. There are several shows I watch. Maybe later you can ask Jasper and he’ll tell you. *Winks*

Max: *Chuckles* I will torture it out of him. Thank you, TL. We have much to discuss with our mate. *Stands* Come along mates of mine. We need to talk. *Takes both Kole and Jasper’s hands then walks away.* You should have told us….

Well, that went strangely well. Thank you for spending some time with me today! You can check out more about Jasper Kole and Max in Omega’s Heart at Decadent Publishing and these fine retailers:

Any questions you'd like Jasper or the boys to answer? Feel free to leave a comment and we'll see if we can find out for you.

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Uncaged by Katalina Leon and Worth Fighting For by Virginia Cavanaugh. Be sure to swing by the Decadent Diva's blog and visit with Chandra Ryan as the hunt continues.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hot Shifters to Hotter Heroes - Run with Katalina Leon in the #BlackHillsWolves #BlogHunt #Giveaway

Hello, I’m Katalina Leon. I love being part of the Black Hills Wolves series because I get to work with a lot of terrific women I admire and I get to write hot wolf-shifters. Total win-win.

My first book in the series was Portrait of a Lone Wolf book 7.

My second is Uncaged, book 25, and I have more coming soon!
Mitchell saved her life when she was a child, now Christy’s a grown woman and prepared to save his.

Uncaged book 25 Black Hills Wolves​, Decadent Publishing.
Mitchell Waya was born to rage in a cage. Every time he competes in a mixed martial arts match, he brings two secret weapons to the ring—a raging heart and the blood of a wolf. When the beast within explodes, no man stands a chance. Scaling the heights of an international career, he’s not prepared for the tragedy and scandal that overtakes him.

At fourteen, Christy was abducted and abused by a brutal cult of survivalist. In a brave act of defiance, she attempts to escape but finds herself facing execution in a dark alley. When Mitchell appears from the shadows like an avenging angel to rescue her, she catches a glimpse of the protective wolf’s fury. They form a brief but intense bond but then Fate pushes them apart.

Four years pass. Fortunes change. Concerned about Mitchell’s welfare, Christy reaches out, but her kind deed puts her squarely in a killer’s sights, and only the courage of a wolf can save her.

My favorite season is autumn and Halloween is the spooky cherry on the cake. I save my favorite scary and paranormal movies for the months of September and October and binge watch them with my family. We plan movie nights, usually a Saturday, and these are a few of our must watch favorites:

Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman A big favorite since my son was just a little guy.

Underworld, because it has the most stunning visuals.

Coppola’s version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Beautiful and disturbing with a gorgeous soundtrack.

What are your favorite Halloween movies? Leave me a comment below.
One lucky commentator will win a copy of Claiming the She-Wolf by Louisa Bacio and Dangerous by D.L. Jackson. Be sure to swing by Mahalia Levey's blog as the hunt continues.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

It's All in the #BlackHillsWolves Family with Taryn Kincaid as the #BlogHunt #Giveaway continues

            So…until I got the call (okay, email…or maybe it was a private Facebook message) from the illustrious, mysterious and formidable Rebecca Royce…I’d never written a shifter book. But when I started exploring the Black Hills Wolves pack.

            The pack is like one, big happy, and sometimes utterly dysfunctional family with drama queens and crazy uncles, and drop-dead gorgeous dominant wolves and their stand-for-no-nonsense mates.
            It’s a plot-rich environment.
            It’s Thanksgiving Dinner without the giant turkeys. Well, so far, anyway. I’m sure someone’s got a Thanksgiving story in the works somewhere.  The moon is usually big and bright and all Harvesty and such then.
            Anyway…so the fabulous thing about One Big Happy Sometimes Dysfunctional Family, is that it can give way to family sagas within the Pack’s history.
            When I wrote WOLF’S SONG, I envisioned Brick Northridge as a loner. A loner who had visual and auditory hallucinations and, at the age of 18, thought he was relevant and able to challenge the pack’s insane Alpha, Magnum Tao.
            But lo and behold…I discovered Brick has a family. An unruly family that keeps growing larger.
            I’m pretty excited about that. Brick’s older brother, Chance, returns to Los Lobos soon in ANOTHER CHANCE.

And in ANOTHER CHANCE…well, there may be few more surprises in store! I’m glad there are, too, because some of those surprises are the foundation for my super secret (okay, maybe not all that secret) work-in-progress project. I’d tell you all about it…but then I’d have to shoot you!

Stay tuned for news because ANOTHER CHANCE is coming soon!

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Omega's Heart by TL Reeve  and Rebel's Claw by Afton Locke. Don't forget to check out Dena Garson's blog for more blog hunt goodness!

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Five Things @NovelsByLia Loves about the Black Hills #Giveaway #Bloghunt

Hi! Lia here. *waves* I hope you are enjoying the BHW blog hunt and learning about the books in the series and their amazing authors. I love Black Hills Wolves, the world, and working with so many wonderful authors. I’ve listed my top 5 things to love about BHW.
  1. Drew. Who doesn’t love the Alpha? He’s working so hard to build up the Pack and bring back a positive, healthy life to Los Lobos.
  2.  Ryker. The Enforcer. Man…wolf of few words. He will do, and has done, anything to protect his mate, Pack, and Alpha.
  3. Gee. The bear shifter who for some reason lives with a wolf pack and no one knows why. When I think of a new story for the series, Gee’s cameo is the first scene to pop ion my head. I love see him in each story.
  4.  The voices. I love how each author’s voice and their characters work so well together. Each story, though a stand alone, keep the series moving forward and there is always something to look forward to.
  5. The most important thing to love is WOLVES! Some are moon dependent, some aren’t. But they are all strong, compassionate heroes in their own way.

If you haven’t started the series, I highly recommend it. There are so much more to love.

One lucky commentator will win a copy of The Wolf and the Butterfly by Kerry Adrienne  and Infiltrating Her Pack by Dominique Eastwick.  Don't forget to check out Merryn Dexter's blog for more blog hunt goodness!

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