Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Chat with Omega Heart's Jasper and author T.L. Reeve as #BlogHunt continues...

Good morning everyone! I am super excited to be taking over the BHW blog today! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then an idea struck me. Jasper is my human mate to Kole and Max. He has to be missing something from home besides the normal family and friends.
Since I am a huge Supernatural/Dr. Who/Torchwood/Arrow/Flash fan, among other shows—really not happy they cancelled Constantine—I thought I’d ask Jasper which shows he misses. Maybe, if we’re lucky, Max and Kole will wander in.

Me: Are you ready Jasper?

Jasper: Good morning everyone! *Sits down in one of the comfort chairs provided.* I hope everyone is doing well.

Me: We are. First, thank you for talking with me on such short notice. I know your mates have been keeping you busy.

Jasper: *Chuckles softly.* You can say that. I’m honored to be here though.

Me: So, as you probably heard, I love all kinds of shows. I thought we’d talk about a few. Maybe, get you caught up on some of your favorites?

Jasper: Grimm. You have to tell me, what happened. *Sits forward a little.*

Me: Which part?

Jasper: *Gives her an exasperated look* With Juliette. The last I saw, she was freaking out and becoming a Hexenbiest.

Me: Oh…you don’t want to know.

Jasper: I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know. *Growls.* Tell me!!

Me: Okay…okay. Calm down. *Grins* You know, you’re beginning to sound like an impatient Max.

Jasper: For the love of… *Sighs* I will find the meanest, ugliest wolf you’ve ever seen and make sure he’s your mate, if you don’t tell me what happened.

Me: *Laughs* No you wouldn’t. You like me too much. I brought you together with your mates.

Jasper: Please tell me.

Me: So polite. Okay so here is what happened—

Max: What are we talking about? *Strolls over to the chair and sits next to Jasper.* Why weren’t Kole and I invited to this little interview?

Me: I thought I’d catch Jasper up on some primetime television. So it’s technically not an interview.

Jasper: *Growls* She won’t tell me what happened to Juliette on Grimm.

Me: Well I was going to, but…

Kole: But what? *Max pulls Kole onto his lap.*

Me: You guys interrupted. *Can see Jasper growing more agitated by the second.* Condensed version. She enjoyed the power she got from being a Hexenbiest. They tried to change her back however…she’s dead.

Jasper: I figured as much. You know, between us, I didn’t like her much. I swore Adalind was better for Nick. Even if she manipulated him and was a real…witch. Hey, did they ever tell Wu?

Me: About what Nick is? And what’s going on?

Jasper: Yes.

Me: Yes, he’s part of the team now.

Jasper: *Fist pumps* Excellent.

*Max and Kole give their mate a confused look.* Max: What is this show?

Me: It’s called Grimm. It’s ben on for about five seasons and this coming season is going to be interesting. It’s a darker…or well much darker take on Grimm fairytales. And Nick can see the “true” selves of those who are different. *Glances at Jasper.* You know, I bet Amazon would have all of the seasons. You could probably order it. Show the guys why you like it.

Jasper: *Nods* Maybe I will. Can you tell me one more thing?

Me: Sure.

Jasper: Why did Juliette die?

Me: She helped get Nick’s mom killed.

Jasper: *Gasps* No. Wait…the baby and Adalind. And…and….

Me: You’ll have to get the DVD and watch it with your mates.

Max: *Looks at TL then Jasper* Has he been missing many of these shows?

Me: *Shrugs* Depends on what he likes. There are several shows I watch. Maybe later you can ask Jasper and he’ll tell you. *Winks*

Max: *Chuckles* I will torture it out of him. Thank you, TL. We have much to discuss with our mate. *Stands* Come along mates of mine. We need to talk. *Takes both Kole and Jasper’s hands then walks away.* You should have told us….

Well, that went strangely well. Thank you for spending some time with me today! You can check out more about Jasper Kole and Max in Omega’s Heart at Decadent Publishing and these fine retailers:

Any questions you'd like Jasper or the boys to answer? Feel free to leave a comment and we'll see if we can find out for you.

One lucky commentator will win a copy of Uncaged by Katalina Leon and Worth Fighting For by Virginia Cavanaugh. Be sure to swing by the Decadent Diva's blog and visit with Chandra Ryan as the hunt continues.

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  1. I really loved watching the guys get together. I will admit to tearing up a bit. Don't the guys get tv where they are, DVR?

    1. Unfortunately power isn't reliable, so they use generators. Same goes for cable or Dish and internet hotspots are iffy at best. But, if they do have a generator, they can get the DVD's of the shows and watch them. Which I am hoping they do so for Jasper. lol

  2. I have entered all as your cover looks like something I would love to read

  3. Love the cover and have entered the rafflecopter

    1. Thank you!! Fiona is awesome. I love all of the covers she's done for me. :)

  4. I wish I had already read this one, but it's not in my "collection" yet. I do love this series.

  5. I'm sad that I haven't read any of these.

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed writing Jasper/Kole/Max's story. They're great guys and Kole is one of my favorite omegas.

  7. Crystal, congratulations you've won copies of Uncaged and Worth Fighting For If you can send an email to heather (a) heatherlong (dot) net with the format you'd like to receive those in, we'll get those books to you