Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Merryn Dexter Shares Her #FavoriteThings about the #BlackHillsWolves

Hi Everyone! Merryn here, and don't worry about the title of this post, I promise I won't be singing. Given that my DH has claimed my singing voice should be banned under the Geneva Convention as a form of cruel and unusual punishment - that is a very good thing!

I first became involved with the Black Hills Wolves series as an avid reader and I am going to lay claim to the position of #1 fan (I know there is a lot of competition for this position!). I am also going to be a part of the series as a writer, so I thought I would share some of the things I love about the Tao Pack.

1. Drew, Ryker and Gee  - I know, I know, this is a pretty obvious one but without these three pivotal and very different characters, the series just wouldn't be the same. There are so many stories out there with a strong Alpha, completely in control of his destiny. Drew's struggle to claim his heritage and rebuild his pack from the ashes is, for me, a refreshing change. Ryker is another complex character and his long journey from Boogeyman to redeemed hero is one that I think every reader is going to fall in love with. And finally Gee. The lone bear in a pack of wolves. Keeper of the Pack History and holder of so many secrets. I think we've only just begun to scratch the surface with him and the more glimpses I have, the more I am intrigued by his big heart.

2. The different kinds of hero - Whatever your taste in heroes, BHW has what you are looking for. We have bad boys who achieve their true potential once they find their mates - Colt, Ravage, Kennedy, Roark, I'm looking at you fellas! We have the strong silent types with very different reasons for keeping their own secrets - Ogden, Z, Ryker. We have good guys who know what's right and just need to persuade their mates to fall in line with the plan - Marcus, Bastian, Jace, even Drew. I'm also going to place the forthcoming hero of my book (A Mate's Healing TouchCaleb in this category - I think you will find him very persuasive!

3. Let's hear it for the Omegas - Although I love kick-ass Alpha males and beautiful, strong-willed Beta females, I'm thrilled that the series focuses on gentle-natured characters too. There is strength in submission, in trusting your mate to give you what you need. Patch is a true Sub, finding her perfect Dom in a human. Sweet Tasha who tames Colt and gives him the strength to embrace his future. Paul the barman who steals everyone's heart and who I hope will get his own HEA sooner rather than later. Kole who finds true fulfilment with two mates - a human and a wolf.

4. Los Lobos - A remote town deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota, following the gradual revival of this broken-down community is as much of a pleasure for me as seeing each couple (or triad) fight for and win their HEAs. Each new development adds a layer to the overall story, a new environment to explore, another setting to picture my favorite characters. Gee's Bar - The Den, small businesses like the B&B, the Bookshop and Ogden's Lumber Yard. The Schoolhouse, the Barn. The locations are so well realized that I can picture myself walking down the streets and running through the wild untamed hills as part of the pack.

5. The Authors - A shared world is a fantastic way to be introduced to new authors. Maintaining consistency throughout the series whilst allowing each person their own unique voice must be akin to wrangling a group of over-excited teenage girls at a One Direction gig. I say this from experience (although given our ages, you probably need a time machine and a Duran Duran gig for accuracy). With infinite patience and the odd well-placed kick in the pants, the creative team behind the series keep us in line and still manage to provide the creative freedom we crave. As a reader, I see it too. Each writer weaves their own thread into the tapestry of the Black Hills Wolves series and together I think we are creating something unique and beautiful

If you'd like to explore more about the characters I have mentioned, you can follow this link to our series list and reading order which details the couple featured in each book. 

Happy Reading!


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