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Writing Colt @DecadentPub #BHW

I’ll admit when I started thinking about the Black Hills Wolves, in that now much discussed conference conversation with the amazing Heather Long, I thought only of Drew.  Writing the alpha of a multi-authored wolf pack is no small thing. I wanted him to be everything I imagined. 

And then he was.  Wolf’s Return worked for me.  It was a beautiful, complete book. 

I started to think about the future. Who would my next Black Hills character be? Well, that was when Colt came into existence. He was a difficult character? Why you might ask? Well, because he wanted to kill Drew.  Imagine that. As a writer I had to deal with a character who wanted to kill the hero of one of my most beloved books.

Loving Colt wasn’t easy for me. Yet, I did.  After a time, I came to adore Colt as much as I loved Drew and in some ways more since he had to handle not becoming alpha at the end of his book.  I hope you love my poor misunderstood Colt too.  He just needs to be loved.

Rebecca Royce

When Hell Freezes
Black Hills Wolves Book 6
Rebecca Royce

....Colt Hannigan returns to the Black Hills Wolves Pack a changed and determined wolf. Thrown out after he stood against the former Alpha, he has no love for Drew Tao, the current Alpha. Colt plans to challenge Drew for leadership of the pack—until he lays eyes on Tasha, the woman he thought dead but whom he never forgot.
.... Permanently scarred after stepping between Colt and the former Alpha of the pack, Tasha survived for years by keeping her head down. Colt’s return is everything she’s desired, but she wants to live in a calm world surrounded by love, not another battle for dominance, which could destroy the newly-healed pack.
....Can Tasha convince Colt to find peace in her arms? Will the Black Hills Wolves pack survive outside attacks if they cannot mend the internal injuries of the past?

Genre: Contemporary, erotic romance, paranormal, shapeshifters, urban fantasy
Heat level: 4
Word count: 17k
Cover art: Fiona Jayde

....“I wish I could have killed him. I wish I’d been stronger sooner.” He looked up at the ceiling.
....“Well, I wish I could hop a jet plane and land in sunny Miami with a million dollars. Wishes are really pointless things. Let’s live in reality, shall we? Now, if you don’t want to kiss me, that’s fine. Forget I asked.” Tasha gasped almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth. What was with her? She never spoke to anyone in this manner.
....He yanked her against him. “You want me to kiss you?”
....His mouth pressed on hers, hard and unyielding. Even though she’d never been kissed before, she knew the one he gave her wasn’t meant to tantalize, but more as if he kissed her for punishment. He was mad. She could taste his anger.
....She pushed at his chest, and he deepened their embrace, gentling against her. Tasha knew she should pull away. He hadn’t kissed her nicely. All she could do was sigh against his mouth. He tasted like mint mixed with the smell of cloves, and she wanted to wrap herself around him.

A Note from Rebecca~
Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for purchasing this book. It is my latest installment to the Black Hills Wolves series. When I first came up with the idea for this series, I was seated next to author Heather Long at a convention called The Naughty Sleepover. Two years later I cannot believe how amazing it has all turned out. It is a dream come true. I hope you like Colt and Tasha. They needed each other so much. Please feel free to contact me any time at or

With Hugs,
Rebecca Royce

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